Vidhya Daan

In the Sanskrit language, Vidhya means Education and Daan means donation.

Vidhya Daan is an initiative of for a social cause.

The primary aim of Vidhya Daan is to get the retired professionals who have free time in hand involved with the education and development of the younger generation from around the world.

Whilst there are millions of students out there with a hunger for knowledge but unable to afford the commercialized education, incidentally, there are millions of retired professionals at home who are bored due to lack of social contact but keen to give back to society by way of giving their time and skills for educating students. wants to be the platform by which the retired professionals interested in paying back to society by imparting education can find students who are willing to learn and develop, and vice-versa.

You can be a Vidhya Daan Guru by creating your profile online with Vidhya Daan as one of your skills. Simply search for Free Lesson Requests to find potential students. You have the liberty to decide when and how you want to deliver the lessons.

You can be a Learner by creating your profile online and posting your lesson request under Free Lesson Category. Simply search for Gurus with Vidhya Daan as skills to find potential teachers. You have the liberty to decide whether or how much to pay your teacher as a show of gratitude.

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