How to become a Guru?

Anyone can be a Guru at Doers, Dreamers, Thinkers, Tinkerers…. there are many interested learners for every Guru.

To become a Guru, all you have to do is come up with a lesson topic that you LOVE, that you are GOOD at, and that you have experienced in. 

Don’t feel like you have to teach a degree-level profession.  You are teaching what you know, to people who don’t know what you know yet. To every 1st grader, a 4th grader is an expert. You must act as an expert in order to become one.

Think about your skills, talents, and life experiences that you have been through. What you do for a job, your business field, something you’ve taken a course in, cooking your favorite dishes, interior design, a craft you enjoy, writing non-fiction, a life challenge you got through, a personal or professional success that you achieved, language teaching skills; the list is endless.

Create a profile now! You have got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Turn your knowledge into $$$ by helping people globally.

If you want to become a Guru but a bit overwhelmed on how and where to start, we recommend that you watch the following videos by Sarah Cordiner who is a highly qualified and successful online teacher. She has lovingly put this together and offered it for free with the hope that it will help as many people as possible to create their courses and turn their online education dreams into reality.

STEP 1: Video 1: How to Get Motivated to Create Your Online Course:

6 Tips for Course Creation Motivation” 

STEP 2: Video 2: How to Create an Online Course: 

Choosing your course topic, checking market demand and pricing your online course

STEP 3: Video 3: How to Create an Online Course: 

How to put together your content for your online course and structure it

STEP 4: Create your profile and promote the Online Course in